We offer Full Yard Maintenance, Mowing, Planting, Mulching, Edging, Weeding, Aeration, Seeding Fertilization, Yard Analysis, Pruning, Trimming, Fall cleanup, Leaf an Gutter Cleaning, Tree trimming, Light Hauling, Mulch Sales, Fire wood sales, Dry Laid stone patio's, Weed Control, 4- step lawn treatment, Sod work, New Flower Bed Design, Fencing all Types, Deck Staining, Light Tree work.

  Mow/Trim/Blow: $100.00 off With a One Year Mowing Contracted.  Call us for other discount offers.

 Mowing  Keeping your yard Manicured appearance. 

A.   Mowing, Trimming, Blow: Mowing all turf areas, String trimming- all walkways flower beds, curbs, buildings, fences, etc., Edging-Vertically edge all sidewalks, curbs, mulched beds. Blow- Grass clippings and other debris off sidewalks, driveways, decks, patio's, curbs, etc., 

Keeping Your Yard Looking good

B.  Aeration, Over- seeding and fertilization:   Spring And Fall. Twice per year,1. Aeration: This will be accomplished by a core tine machine that perforates the soil 1" to 3" inches (depending on the softness of the ground).  This helps relieve the compaction of the soil to allow for better absorption of water, air and nutrients. 2.  Over-seeding:   This work will include a fescue pro turf mix seed.  3.  Liming:  Lime and fertilizer will be applied to help the soil PH levels an to encourage stronger growth of the new seed. 

Keep Unwanted WEEDS gone.

C.  Fertilization & Weed Control for the turf:  March will be the first application of pre and post emergent herbicide and a balanced fertilizer. This will help prevent most weed growth in the turf areas.  June, the second additional application of pre and post emergent herbicide and a slow release fertilizer will be applied to help prevent summer weeds and promote continued growth into the summer months.  Fertilizer of the yard in the late fall to promote root growth during the winter months. Spot spraying will take place threw the summer months to help control weeds. One soil sample will be performed in the spring.  Two (2) Lime applications will be installed twice during the season.  @ Pre and Post-Emergent with Liquid Fertilizer, 1 Broadleaf with Granular fertilizer.

D.  Mulching:  Of all existing beds and trees will be hand edged by spade or machine at the depth of 3'' to 4'' inches.  This will provide the beds with a more Manicured appearance and help keep the in the beds  a pre-emergent weed control ( granular slow-release0 will be spread in all areas to receive mulch.  Mulch type double shredded hardwood (dyed mulch).  This will be manually dispersed around all existing greenery beds and at the base of all trees.  Mulch helps keep the soil temperature cooler during the summer, which helps root growth, and will also keep the soil moisture at an even level and reduce the amount of water needed, and keep many summer weeds from coming established. Plants and Shrubs will be fertilized when mulching occurs.

E.  Shrub and Tree Pruning:  All shrubs, trees, greenery pruning to uniform shape consistent with landscape and performed three times per year, Spring, Summer and late Fall.  This helps the by providing sunlight and air for a stronger heathier plant and allows better water to the root system. It helps keep from over crowning and dying out, along with weed control.

 F.  Weed Control: Chemical product  and spot spraying to keep all areas  weed free.  Driveways, sidewalks, curbs, mulched beds, etc., This helps to keep a better appearance.  These areas will be kept weed free on a continuous basis. Hand weeding will be performed if chemical is not effective.

G.  Leaf Removal & Fall Clean-up: blow all leaves, sticks, debris, litter around house, flower beds, yards, driveways, etc., Into woods or to be removed from property.

H. Gutter cleaning: To clear all leaves, debris from gutters and down spouts. 

I.  Winter:  Revisit the home or property to oversee and keep the yard free of Litter, debris, sticks, limbs, fallen or broken tree branches.  This we be performed on a Bi-weekly basis.

$500.00 Discount on Full Landscaping 1 year (12) month Contract. With a (12) month payment program.

We also Offer:  Snow Plowing, Deck Staining, Fencing (all types), New Flower bed design, Fill dirt, topsoil, Mulch, Lot and Land clearing, Large debris hauling, Gravel Driveway repair.